Show Information

Show Venues

Show Venues must have a minimum of 1,200 seats with a minimum $20 (or more) ticket price.

The larger the seating capacity the more we are able to provide for our Nation’s Wounded Warriors.

Civic Auditoriums, School, Or Event Centers

This usually works well. We need adequate seating, lighting, staging, restrooms, and air conditioning during the summer months.

Church Venues

This is an EXCELLENT choice. They are able to serve as the sponsor, provide the venue, and usually have mailing list and other resources available to work with our Publicity Office.

A Wounded Warrior Project event like this in your church or community is an EXCELLENT public relations event for your organization.

One Night Events

One night events are available during the year provided the show is scheduled on the weekend with a Saturday afternoon or evening show (or both) and can be reached by bus in adequate time from Colorado Springs, Colorado.


The band is available for a limited amount of fly-in shows. The show must be scheduled for a Saturday evening. The show must have a minimum of 2,000 seats with a minimum of $20 (or more) ticket price. Our flight schedule must be conducive to arriving in adequate time on Saturday with return flight on Sunday.


The band tours within the United States during the second week of June annually. A Texas Tour has been set aside for June 2016. Eight cities or communities will be scheduled for that tour. We are presently accepting applications for those shows. See Performance Request Form b


All shows must have a Sponsor and provide an adequate venue at your expense. The Sponsor shall provide an Event Coordinator who works directly with our Show Office. Once approved, we will provide a Show Agreement form and Event Guide detailing what to do. This is sent directly to the Show Coordinator you provide. We work with your Coordinator to help make your event a Super Event.

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